Summer Road Trip 2018

It’s been a summer of working hard and playing equally hard. Matt and family just returned from an epic road trip that included time in Salt Lake City, the Uinta Mountains, Jackson, Wyoming, and Yellowstone. It was the perfect balance of hiking, swimming, wildlife sighting, and enjoying time with parents, siblings, cousins, nieces, and nephews.

Ok. Back to work!


Mobile Mock Up

Ok, this is one of those projects where our contract with the client prohibits us from providing us much detail. But we can’t help but show this mock-up of this mobile in a mock-up of the space. And you’ll just have to believe us when we say it’s gonna be awesome.

Photo Jul 11, 10 36 46 AM.jpg

Kentucky Bank Mobile

Here’s a hanging mobile we’re shipping to Kentucky for a bank’s atrium. Our main constraint with this project was to fill a relatively large space on a very specific budget. This piece hangs 8 feet by 10 feet tall, and it gives the client some serious bang for their buck.

Photo Jun 29, 12 42 56 PM.jpg

California, Again

Matt and Ben returned from Sonora, California, just in time for Matt to turn right around for a quick family road trip to the Redwoods. This summer is slated to be packed with projects, so this was a welcome getaway!


Cancer Ribbon Crane Sculpture Installation

Matt and Ben spent a chunk of the week in Sonora, California, installing this cancer ribbon crane mobile at the Diana J. White Cancer Institute. The installation was seamless but tedious. Ensuring each of the 1,000 cranes was strung properly and each wing positioned just right took time and patience—but hey, attention to detail is our wheelhouse. We’re so happy with the end result!

Here’s the final piece, and below is a peek into the installation process.

Copper Mobile Rendering

Here's a mobile we're working on for a private residence in the Seattle area. It's for a custom-built mid-century home, and the mobile will incorporate two different copper finishes to coordinate with the home's front door. We can't wait to see it come together!


Massachusetts Office Mobile

Here's one of two mobiles we're about to ship off to a Massachusetts-based office building.

Photo Jun 05, 4 56 18 PM.jpg

We're not traveling to install these mobiles, so here's a little behind-the-scenes peek at our shipping method, to make installation as straightforward as possible for the client. (Not pictured: four page document of detailed installation instructions!)

Fish Mobile Installation

It was quite the week for Matt and Ben! They spend nearly the whole week in Florida working their tails off with two installations for the same Lakeland-based hospital. Here are pictures of the Fish Mobile, which spans the hospital's entry corridor. We're happy to report that the installation went, ahem, swimmingly.