Red Thread Ceiling Sculptures

Here's a project that's getting a lot of our focus at the moment. This will be a 4 sets of sculptures to hang in the staircases of two sister office buildings. It represents red thread, a concept used throughout Greek mythology, Asian history, and the Bible, to represent connectivity and a willingness to aid. We look forward to seeing it come together!


Introducing: Pre-Fab Mobiles by Ekko Mobiles!

For ages now, we've been discussed the idea of creating a line of pre-designed mobiles for those who want a large-scale mobile on a budget. Well, we've finally done it....

Introducing our Pre-Fab Mobiles! We've done the heavy design work in advance—and you get to select the size, colors, materials and/or finishes. Streamlining the design process has allowed us to keep prices low and lead times fast. Go check out the introductory designs! We have several more designs in the queue, so keep an eye on our Pre-Fab Gallery for updates.

Future Mobile Builders of America

Ben's daughter had the day off school, and although she's still a bit too young to put put to work at the shop, so she spend the day honing her mobile-making skills.

FMBA (future mobile builders of america).JPG

LAX Marriott Lobby

When we installed the wall divider for the the LAX Marriott lobby, it was still a construction site. So we were absolutely thrilled to get this picture of the completed space. Stunning! And we love how our wall divider works with the space!


LAX Marriott Wall Divider

The next time you fly through LAX, be sure to swing by the nearby Marriott Hotel to check out the wall sculpture designed, created and installed by yours truly.

Here are a few shots of the space before we got our hands on it:

Photo Nov 28, 7 35 58 PM.jpg
Photo Nov 28, 7 36 05 PM.jpg

And here's the space, after hours of work:

Photo Nov 29, 5 20 47 AM (1).jpg
Photo Nov 30, 12 58 17 AM.jpg
Photo Nov 30, 12 58 38 AM.jpg

We can't wait to see the space once the rest is complete!