The concept for Ekko Mobiles began more than 15 years ago while Matt was pursuing his mechanical engineering degree. As Matt tinkered during downtime to create kinetic works of art, he realized the joy of merging art with his technical background. And what began as novelty gifts for friends quickly evolved into Ekko Mobiles. Now Ekko provides hanging mobiles for businesses, public spaces, and art aficionados worldwide.

Matt's early Ekko designs echoed the works and style of Alexander Calder—father of the modern mobile and fellow mechanical engineer. His works have evolved to encompass a wider range of styles, all unique, high-quality works of engineered art. Part artist, part problem solver, Matt enjoys both the technical and artistic challenges of creating mobiles and kinetic sculpture. And his penchant for perfectionism combined with his extreme attention to detail ensure top-notch creations each and every time.


Ben is Ekko's in-house industrial designer who studied at the University of Oregon and Art Institute of Portland. He relishes in selecting materials, learning the latest fabrication techniques, and developing clever design solutions for challenging site locations.

Ben works closely with Matt and the client to ensure smooth and consistent communication from project inception to installation. His background includes extensive coursework in architectural studies, which allows him to incorporate and draw inspiration from these design elements.


With experience in public relations, corporate communications, e-commere management, and web market (not to mention being related to a ton of accountants), Kathryn's diverse background allows her to keep the company cogs running smoothly by overseeing communications, marketing web development, project management, bookkeeping, snack time, and whatever else gets thrown her way.

Contact us at or 877.278.3199.