Orchard-Inspired Mobile Shapes

We’re in full-on fabrication mode for the orchard-inspired mobile we’re creating for a local affordable housing development. We just got back the laser-cut shapes, and next they’re headed to the powder coater to be painted various shades of green and brown. The bottom images shows the leaves’ dimension, to create a more dynamic feel to the piece. We’re thrilled to see everything coming together!


Frank Lloyd Wright-Inspired Mobile Update

This Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired hanging mobile is finished and ready to ship to its owner in Maryland! The cluttered background of our shop kind of detracts from the mobile—but we’re thrilled that this design challenge resulted in such a fun piece.


And for even even more behind-the-scenes peek, here are a few pictures we’re sending the client to help with assembly and installation. (We won’t bore you with the ten-minute assembly instruction video we made.)

Photo Jan 21, 10 50 58 AM.jpg
Photo Jan 19, 4 11 10 PM.jpg

Large Wood Mobile Shapes

We’re in fabrication mode on a bunch of projects right now. Here’s one we’re contractually prohibited from sharing too many details about. But we can share progress pictures. Maybe we’re biased, but aren’t these wood shapes gorgeous? Also, the 20-foot ladder provides perspective on the massive size of this mobile.

Photo Oct 03, 12 42 56 PM.jpg
Photo Sep 27, 10 35 16 AM.jpg