Tulsa Mall Hanging Mobile

Here it is! The hanging mobile we created for the children’s play area of a Tulsa mall. The children’s play area hasn’t been installed quite yet, but we can’t wait wait to see it. The bottom picture shows how the mobile’s shapes cast colorful shadows on the floor below. We hope the children of Tulsa love it!

Photo Apr 19, 2 09 33 PM.jpg
Photo Apr 19, 2 06 57 PM.jpg
Photo Apr 19, 1 56 10 PM.jpg

Tulsa Mall Mobile Installation

Matt and Ben spent some quality time in Tulsa installing a large hanging mobile over what will soon be a children’s play area in a local mall. Here’s a peek at the staging and beginning phases of installation.

To minimize disruption to the mall, Matt and Ben installed the mobile through the night. They were tempted to explore the vacant mall (except a few mall cops), but they stayed pretty darn focused on the task at hand. (Although an Aunt Anne’s pretzel or an Orange Julius would’ve been nice.)

Pictures of the final hanging mobile coming soon!

Photo Apr 18, 5 55 58 PM.jpg
Photo Apr 18, 5 56 25 PM.jpg
Photo Apr 19, 1 18 25 AM.jpg
Photo Apr 19, 1 18 36 AM.jpg

Research and Development

These pictures of rods and components might not seem terribly exciting, but we’re kinda pumped about them. They’re the result of some serious brainstorming and problem solving.

See, some of our mobiles (like the one pictured way below) have large frames, which can be really difficult and expensive to ship. The frame pictured below would normally require a 7-foot by 7-foot by 1-foot crate. (Big, heavy, and expensive to ship!)

On one particular project, we had to reduce shipping costs (and eliminate installation costs) to meet the client’s budget. We won’t bore you with all the details, but Matt and Ben used their engineering and industrial design skills to develop an all-new way to create the frame: The components pack down together into a much smaller box for shipping, and it’s relatively simple for the recipient to re-assemble. So instead of shipping a huge crate with a 7-foot by 7-foot footprint, we can fit the same frame into a box that’s 6 inches by 6 inches by 7 feet. (Compact, not-so-heavy, and reasonable to ship!)

So thanks for letting us brag… we’re just excited to use this on future projects!

Photo Apr 15, 12 58 35 PM.jpg
Photo Apr 15, 12 58 10 PM.jpg

Color Selections

You might be surprised to know how many decisions go into the design process when we’re creating large-scale custom mobiles.

We work closely with clients to help them determine the best options for their space—how much room should the piece take? What materials should we use? How large should each individual shape be? How should the individual shapes be spaced? And on and on and on… (Don’t worry, it’s not a painful process! (But if you REALLY dislike decisions, our pre-fab mobile designs are a great option…))

One of the more fun decisions for clients is color selection. Here are a few options for the skylight ceiling sculpture we’re in the process of fabricating. Check back soon to see the final decision!


Hanging Mobile for Bank

Matt returned home from vacation and hit the ground running. We’ve got several projects in the queue, and here’s one we’re focused on right now. It’s dangling hanging mobile for the flagship location of a bank in upstate New York. The mobile will hang 8 feet tall by 6 feet in diameter. The images below show the side view and view from beneath. We’re excited to see it come together!

pov1 v2 (1).jpg
pov4 v2.jpg

Work Break/Spring Break

Apologies for any slow communication from this week. Matt and family have been busy replenishing their vitamin D levels. (And, if you’re wondering about that third kid pictured below, getting in cousin time.) But don’t worry, Matt’ll be back to the grind sooner than he’d like to admit…


Tulsa Mall Mobile

Here’s a series of mobiles we’re creating for a mall in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Each mobile hangs 12 feet tall by 12 feet tall, and they’ll hang over a new children’s play area within the mall. We’re installing in a few weeks, so stay tuned for updates!

playtime space 3.jpg
playtime space 2.jpg

Orchard-Inspired Mobile Shapes

We’re in full-on fabrication mode for the orchard-inspired mobile we’re creating for a local affordable housing development. We just got back the laser-cut shapes, and next they’re headed to the powder coater to be painted various shades of green and brown. The bottom images shows the leaves’ dimension, to create a more dynamic feel to the piece. We’re thrilled to see everything coming together!