CREATION Healthcare Mobile Installation

It’s been a whirlwind week for Matt and Ben. Last Thursday, they traveled to Pueblo, Colorado for the intense Red Thread Ceiling Sculpture installation. They returned home for about 48 hours. (Matt wasn’t about to miss his daughter’s performance in the local Shakespeare festival over the weekend.) Then first thing Monday, they headed to Tampa for the CREATION Healthcare Mobile installation—PLUS they spruced up a wall sculpture they completed earlier this year.

The good news is that CREATION Healthcare Mobile installation was seamless. Except the facility isn’t quite complete, so the mobile will remain protected until the space is free from construction dust. Be sure to check back for final images.

Meanwhile, Matt and Ben are both looking forward to a nice, long Thanksgiving break with their families. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Photo Nov 20, 9 59 46 AM.jpg

Red Thread 2.0 Installation

Whew. Matt and Ben just finished installing a Red Thread ceiling sculpture at Pueblo Community College in Colorado, and it was intense.

The sculpture hangs from the center of a large rotunda with a 50-ish-foot ceiling. Anchoring to the ceiling wasn’t ideal for various reasons, so they strung cables across the rotunda, attaching them to support trusses.

Once the support cables were in place, the shapes were each hung in their proper position—which sounds easier than it actually is.

The installation took an arduous 24 hours, but we’re happy with the end results. It’s fun to see how different the sculpture looks from every vantage point. (And don’t you love that last shot from below!?)

Photo Nov 16, 11 07 31 AM.jpg
Photo Nov 16, 11 07 35 AM.jpg
Photo Nov 16, 11 07 38 AM.jpg
Photo Nov 16, 11 47 56 AM.jpg
Photo Nov 16, 11 48 46 AM.jpg
Photo Nov 16, 11 50 13 AM.jpg

Large Wood Mobile Shapes

We’re in fabrication mode on a bunch of projects right now. Here’s one we’re contractually prohibited from sharing too many details about. But we can share progress pictures. Maybe we’re biased, but aren’t these wood shapes gorgeous? Also, the 20-foot ladder provides perspective on the massive size of this mobile.

Photo Oct 03, 12 42 56 PM.jpg
Photo Sep 27, 10 35 16 AM.jpg

Frank Lloyd Wright-Inspired Mobile

Here’s a fun hanging mobile in our project queue:

Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 12.55.59 PM.png

Our clients are building a Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired home in Maryland, and they requested a mobile that plays well with the components in their home.

Using the iconic art-glass Robie window style (pictured below) as inspiration, we incorporated strong black lines to mimic the window’s leaded components and a translucent material to mimic stained glass. The final piece will hang 14 feet tall by 6 feet in diameter. It will hang in the home’s two-story entryway.

Robie Window.jpeg

CREATION Healthcare Mobile

Here’s a mobile we’re creating for a Tampa-based hospital that follows the CREATION healthcare philosophy.

The shapes represent each of the eight components of CREATION healthcare, and the three groupings, as illustrated in the bottom rendering, represent the interconnected relationship between body, mind, and spirit. The mobile also incorporates the eight colors of CREATION healthcare.

The final piece will hang 15 feet wide by 7 feet tall. We’re eager to see it come together!


Park Restaurant Ceiling Sculpture

Here are pictures of the restaurant ceiling sculpture fully installed! As you can see, the restaurant is still under construction—the bar top was being installed the day Matt and Ben arrived—but you can still get the feel for the great aesthetic of the space.

We imagine that bar area will be bustling, so the felt material of the ceiling sculpture should nicely dampen the noise

We can’t wait to see pictures of the restaurant once it’s complete. If you find yourself in Columbia, Missouri, be sure to eat at Park Restaurant (and then send us pictures)!

Photo Sep 20, 1 45 59 AM.jpg
Photo Sep 20, 1 46 13 AM.jpg
Photo Sep 20, 1 53 00 AM.jpg