Origami Cranes Ceiling Sculpture

We just got the green light on a really fun project. It's a ceiling sculpture for a private residence in the bay area. The client wanted something similar to our Waterfall Ceiling Sculpture, but with dramatic black origami cranes.

Instead of using actual paper cranes, a productive brainstorm session produced this (more durable) origami-inspired crane design that we'll fabricate from aluminum.

Ekko Mobiles for Sale!

Matt's daughter recently sat down at the iPad to practice her typing, and she ended up creating an Ekko Mobiles advertisement. Improved typing skills for her, and free marketing for us—it's a win/win! ;)

Large Custom Hanging Mobile for Alaska

We've completed and shipped this mobile, which will reside in a healthcare facility in a remote Alaskan village.

plan view-01.jpg

Traveling to install the mobile was not a possibility for this project, so the client will be completing the installation themselves.

With more than 200 individual shapes, 50 separate sections, and multiple hanging points, it won't be the world's simplest installation—but to make things as clear-cut as possible, we created a thorough set of instructions and videos to walk them through the process..

Here's a peek at installation images for one section of the mobile.


We can't wait to see images of the fully installed piece—and we hope to trek to Alaska someday to see it in person!

St. Louis Mobile Cleaning

Six years ago, back when iPhone photos were super grainy, Matt and Ben created this ceiling sculpture for a law firm in St. Louis:

The law firm decided it was time to spruce up the sculpture (and they also needed the sculpture moved to do electrical work on the lighting above), so Matt and Ben left town AGAIN to move the piece, completely clean it, and re-install it.

You can see some of the process below. We're happy to report that the entire process (including travels) went 100% smoothly!


Adventures in Washington D.C.

Crazy weather seems to be following Matt and Ben this winter, because THIS time, a huge winter storm hit New York the morning they were scheduled to fly home. After a week away, they were both eager to get home to their families. (And their families were eager to have them home.)

So instead of risking weather-related flight delays, they rented a car, drove south to Washington D.C., and took a different flight altogether, arriving home just a few hours later than originally planned—and totally bypassing the snowstorm. They even found time to enjoy a few iconic sights around Washington. (Way to turn those lemons into lemonade.)

Ekko Workshop in New York

Matt and Ben are in New York spending a ton of quality time in this booth, selling their Ekko Workshop wares. A few new items have been added to the Ekko Workshop line, including a small, wooden version of this mobile we created last year, plus a few colorful iterations of our Sculpture Squared building kits.