Bay Area Mobile

Here's a rendering for another project in our queue. It's for a Bay-area facility, and it's similar in style to Progression, which we completed in 2012. We love this style of project, so we're eager to tackle it!


Detroit Westin Hanging Mobile

Completing the Detroit hotel mobile was thrilling. And waking up the next morning to an inbox full of happy e-mails from the clients was the cherry on top.

"Love it and really believe this has been a missing piece in our atrium. Really well done in my opinion, and should really tie in nicely with all the components of our lobby."

"It looks fantastic!! Very pleased team. Good job in making it all come together."

"Thank you for all your hard work on this piece. We're looking forward to the next one!"


Detroit Hotel Mobile Installation

The good news is that the Detroit hotel mobile is finished! The great news is that the installation couldn't have gone more smoothly. And the REALLY great news is that the guys got home via Alaska Airlines instead of Budget truck!

Matt and Ben's Excellent Adventure

Matt and Ben survived the three-day trek to Detroit. They passed through eight states and consuming massive amounts of orange Gatorade and Blue Diamond salt & vinegar almonds along the way. And the best part? Not one single "Are we there yet?!?!?" was uttered. [High five]


Detroit or Bust

Well, here goes nothing. Matt and Ben are headed to Detroit. Thanks to this mobile's massive size, they decided driving there—materials and all—made more sense than driving. So they've loaded up this Budget truck with frames, fabric, tools, and plenty of snacks. Google Maps says it's a 36-hour drive, which they plan to split into two-and-a-half days of driving. So Bon Voyage, guys! We can't wait to see the end result!

Photo Sep 12, 6 27 21 PM.jpg
Photo Sep 12, 6 25 24 PM.jpg

Seamstress Central: Behind the Scenes

Here's a little peek into the inner workings of Ekko Mobiles right now. All hands are on deck to finish the Detroit hotel project. Here you can see a huge stash of fabric, some frames getting fitted with fabric, and a couple of hard-working ladies showing off their work (and thrilled to be almost done with this project)!

Photo Aug 24, 3 50 39 PM.jpg
Photo Aug 24, 3 50 51 PM.jpg
Photo Aug 25, 1 52 50 PM.jpg

Orlando Hospital Mobile

And here's another project in our queue. This one will consist of three identical mobiles strung together to span a long, narrow hallway of an Orlando hospital. We can't wait to see it come together!