WHITE Cranes Mobile!

Well our black cranes mobile of turned into white cranes along the way. And we love how they turned out! We just finished assembling, packaing, and shipped it to the client. We can't wait to see pictures of it hanging!


Packaging the mobile was serious business.


Bon Voyage!

Detroit Hotel Mobile Model

For the Detroit hotel project, we created a scale model for the client. We had the shapes created by a local 3D-printing fabricator (which kinda makes us want a 3D printer...). Then Matt spent a good chunk of time hanging, balancing, and refining the model. Then he spent another chunk of time figuring out how to safely ship it! The good news is that it made it safely to the client. Phew!

Crane Mobile Prototype and Shapes

We're making serious progress on the origami cranes ceiling sculpture. First, we designed this prototype, to replicate the style of an origami crane out of metal:

Then we had a whole bunch of shapes laser cut. Here's the "body" portion of the crane:

And NOW, the body and wing shapes are at the powder-coater. Up next: assembly!

Children's Garden Outdoor Kinetic Sculpture

If you have a tiny moment to spare, check out this seven-second video of our outdoor kinetic sculpture in motion, along with joyful noises of children in Flagstaff's brand-new Children's Garden.

The landscape designer we worked with sent the kindest e-mail, saying "They're awesome and work spectacularly!" Shucks. We're just grateful we had the opportunity to play a role in this wonderful project.