Sand Springs Installation

Matt and Ben are home, recovering from the installation in Sand Springs, Oklahoma.

The project involved mounting 12 mobiles, each 7-foot tall by 7-foot wide, from the 22-foot ceilings of the newly constructed elementary school.

As usual, installing the mounting points was a challenge. A big, big challenge. A challenge that involved scrambling last minute to find a suitable lift.

And as usual, Matt and Ben worked like machines.

They scheduled a full day longer than they usually plan for installs, and they prepped for every conceivable worst-case scenario. But they still had to work through the night...and reschedule their flights home!

In the end, installing all mounting points and mobiles took about 34 hours of work (including a full 27-hour stretch).

Ah, but the satisfaction of completing such a fun project makes up for the sleep deprivation.