We do so much custom work at Ekko Mobiles that each project varies tremendously. But we've noticed a commonality: every project needs small components. Swivels, screws, nuts, industrial-grade ball bearings, you get the idea.

So friends, family, and good health aside, this Thanksgiving, we're especially thankful for our local Ace Hardware. It's a quick three-block walk away, with a great supply of components, the friendliest staff ever, and a nice selection of gummy candies to keep us (well, Matt) well fueled.

And for the times the Ace doesn't have the rivet or flange or whatever obscure piece we need, we're grateful for They carry 480,000 products, for heaven's sakes! Half a million little things, just waiting to be made into a kinetic sculpture! It's a mobile-maker's dream come true, and somehow, they never disappoint. (Except when we need a quick gummy worm fix.)

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!