One is Silver, and the Other's Gold

Full disclosure: these mobiles are actually brushed aluminum and brushed copper. But we couldn’t help thinking of that old camp tune, “Make New Friends,” because this project entailed revisiting an old design and creating an all-new one.

The project included six 4-feet tall mobiles for a designer we frequently work with. She’s planning to hang them in small decorative niches at a newly completed hospital.

Below are images of two of the six mobiles we made. We did three designs total, half in brushed aluminum and half in brushed copper. The first image was based on Silver Forest, a piece we designed a few years back for an ultra-modern cabin in North Carolina. The next image is a new design we came up with just for this project.

And we still can’t decide which we enjoy more–revisiting old designs or creating all-new ones. Eh, it’s all fun.