Custom Mobiles 101

One of our favorite things to do around here is promotional mobiles. We love seeing all the clever ways to incorporate mobiles into a marketing plan, event, press kit, or whatever.

When we work with clients on promotional mobiles here are a few things we’ll discuss with you up front:

  • Quantity. How many pieces are you going to need? Ten? Or ten thousand?

  • Timeframe. Are you going to need your mobiles in two weeks or two months?

  • Design. Did you have a design in mind? Or do you need us to design your mobile?

  • Budget. We’ve made promotional mobiles for just about every budget–from a couple bucks apiece to a couple thousand bucks apiece. We’ll work with your budget to determine materials, design complexity, packaging, and turnaround time.

If you’re cooking up a fun way to use some promotional mobiles, let us know! Contact us at or 877.278.3199.