Happy Birthday, Red Ovals!

Red Ovals just celebrated its two-year birthday!

You see, it was two years ago that Matt, Ekko’s head-honcho mobile artist, and his wife were expecting their first child. Matt was teased mercilessly because he hadn’t yet made a mobile for his impending baby, (What’s that saying about the cobbler’s kids?) so he and his eight-months-pregnant wife took their favorite elements from their favorite Ekko designs and came up with Red Ovals.

It turned out WAY too big for the baby’s nursery, so it hung in their living room instead.

The baby came six weeks later, and Red Ovals had her mesmerized from day three (her first day home from the hospital).

Nine months later, the family said a sad goodbye to Red Ovals, when it was acquired by DDP Gallery in Fayetteville, Arkansas. But it was just as well, since shortly thereafter, the family moved cross country to a much smaller dwelling without room for a (relatively) massive Red Ovals.

The baby (who is actually now a toddler) is approaching her second birthday. She’s hoping for a mini-red ovals. Check the shop in late July to see if that pans out…