Why to Choose Ekko Mobiles for Your Large Custom Hanging Mobile

Happy New Year! Matt kicked off 2016 with a trip to Hong Kong with his dad. They are gallivanting across the island as we speak.

Since Matt's not here to get all embarrassed, let’s chat about the reasons you’ll want to work with Ekko Mobiles on your next large custom hanging mobile project.

Our credentials. It’s not everyday you find a dream team that includes an engineer-turned-artist PLUS an industrial designer. From design to installation, these guys know their stuff. Not only do they have an eye for design and beauty, but they understand the ins and outs of materials, balance, and movement, to ensure your large custom mobile looks good, performs well, and has structural integrity.

Our perfectionism. The very best kind. The kind of perfectionism that ensures the design meets each and every one of your specifications—and that it’s executed flawlessly. We’re perfectionists about making the most of your budget, attention to detail, meeting your deadline, and communicating with you along the way.

Our experience. We’ve been making large custom hanging mobiles and kinetic sculpture for more than 15 years. We’ve worked with nearly every type of client (interior designers, art consultants, architects, project managers, homeowners) on nearly every type of space (private residences, universities, libraries, government building, hospitals, hospitals, and more hospitals), so we’ve seen a lot, and we have the know-how and resourcefulness to meet any design challenge.

Our attitude. No ego here. In fact, we LOVE the collaborative process, so we’ll welcome your input and requirements and feedback throughout the design phase. And we communicate progress with you throughout the entire design, build, and installation process.

Please reach out to connect with us about your large hanging mobile project. We’re eager to work with you!

Meanwhile, here's a bit of Hong Kong to enjoy: