Research and Development

These pictures of rods and components might not seem terribly exciting, but we’re kinda pumped about them. They’re the result of some serious brainstorming and problem solving.

See, some of our mobiles (like the one pictured way below) have large frames, which can be really difficult and expensive to ship. The frame pictured below would normally require a 7-foot by 7-foot by 1-foot crate. (Big, heavy, and expensive to ship!)

On one particular project, we had to reduce shipping costs (and eliminate installation costs) to meet the client’s budget. We won’t bore you with all the details, but Matt and Ben used their engineering and industrial design skills to develop an all-new way to create the frame: The components pack down together into a much smaller box for shipping, and it’s relatively simple for the recipient to re-assemble. So instead of shipping a huge crate with a 7-foot by 7-foot footprint, we can fit the same frame into a box that’s 6 inches by 6 inches by 7 feet. (Compact, not-so-heavy, and reasonable to ship!)

So thanks for letting us brag… we’re just excited to use this on future projects!

Photo Apr 15, 12 58 35 PM.jpg
Photo Apr 15, 12 58 10 PM.jpg