St. Louis Mobile Cleaning

Six years ago, back when iPhone photos were super grainy, Matt and Ben created this ceiling sculpture for a law firm in St. Louis:

The law firm decided it was time to spruce up the sculpture (and they also needed the sculpture moved to do electrical work on the lighting above), so Matt and Ben left town AGAIN to move the piece, completely clean it, and re-install it.

You can see some of the process below. We're happy to report that the entire process (including travels) went 100% smoothly!


White River Visit

Each year, Matt and Ben head to Bateville, Arkansas to spruce up the White River Mobile. It hangs over a hospital food court, so they de-grease and polish each piece by hand and ensure that each connection point is still in tip-top condition.

As you can see from our progress pictures, cleaning a 40-foot-tall mobile is a bit more complicated than it may sound: it requires some lowering, dismantling, and re-assembly. But it's a nice change of pace, and it's become a fun tradition to revisit it each year.

San Antonio UNinstallation

Several years back, we provided three large hanging sculptures to Methodist Children's Hospital in San Antonio. Well, the hospital is undergoing some major renovations and the mobile location needs to be moved. Matt and Ben just returned from San Antonio, where they removed and disassembled the sculpture, deep-cleaned the sculpture components, and packaged them for safe storage until it's ready to be re-installed next year.

It was fun to revisit and old project, and an interesting change of pace to take down a sculpture instead of install one!


White River Spruce Up

Earlier this month, Matt and Ben headed back to Batesville, Arkansas to perform scheduled maintenance on our White River piece. The mobile hangs over a hospital food court, so to minimize impact on operations, they worked through the night. (Two nights, actually!)

The mobile was lowered halfway, partly disassembled, and each shape was individually de-greased and polished. And now it's back to its original shiny, beautiful state!