Red Thread 2.0 Installation

Whew. Matt and Ben just finished installing a Red Thread ceiling sculpture at Pueblo Community College in Colorado, and it was intense.

The sculpture hangs from the center of a large rotunda with a 50-ish-foot ceiling. Anchoring to the ceiling wasn’t ideal for various reasons, so they strung cables across the rotunda, attaching them to support trusses.

Once the support cables were in place, the shapes were each hung in their proper position—which sounds easier than it actually is.

The installation took an arduous 24 hours, but we’re happy with the end results. It’s fun to see how different the sculpture looks from every vantage point. (And don’t you love that last shot from below!?)

Photo Nov 16, 11 07 31 AM.jpg
Photo Nov 16, 11 07 35 AM.jpg
Photo Nov 16, 11 07 38 AM.jpg
Photo Nov 16, 11 47 56 AM.jpg
Photo Nov 16, 11 48 46 AM.jpg
Photo Nov 16, 11 50 13 AM.jpg

Red Thread Ceiling Sculptures

Here's a project that's getting a lot of our focus at the moment. This will be a 4 sets of sculptures to hang in the staircases of two sister office buildings. It represents red thread, a concept used throughout Greek mythology, Asian history, and the Bible, to represent connectivity and a willingness to aid. We look forward to seeing it come together!