Science Museum of Virginia Mobile Installation

As we speak, Matt is on a flight home from Richmond, Virginia, where he installed a large custom hanging mobile yesterday in the early childhood section of the Science Museum of Virginia.

The installation went seamlessly. (Wish we could say the same about Matt's travels home. So many delay!)

Here are a few pictures he sent along, showing the staging, the final product, and the beautiful room where the mobile now resides:

Science Museum Mobile Progress

We're making good progress on the large custom mobile for the Science Museum of Virginia. The mobile's shapes will be colorful frosted translucent acrylic (in the color scheme pictured here).

We don't want the lovely shapes to get damaged during the building process, so we had a copy of each shape created from scrap acrylic that we're using to ensure the mobile is built and balanced properly. Once Matt is onsite to install the mobile, he'll attach the pristine colorful shapes and fine-tune the balancing.

Large Custom Mobile for the Science Museum of Virginia

We've got several really fun projects in the hopper right now, and here's one of them:

This large custom mobile will hang in a new early childhood area of the Science Museum of Virginia. The mobile will feature bright colors to liven the space, and the shapes will be made of a satin translucent acrylic to match a climbing wall in the area. Matt and Ben just might have to bring their families along on this installation!