Tulsa Mall Hanging Mobile

Here it is! The hanging mobile we created for the children’s play area of a Tulsa mall. The children’s play area hasn’t been installed quite yet, but we can’t wait wait to see it. The bottom picture shows how the mobile’s shapes cast colorful shadows on the floor below. We hope the children of Tulsa love it!

Photo Apr 19, 2 09 33 PM.jpg
Photo Apr 19, 2 06 57 PM.jpg
Photo Apr 19, 1 56 10 PM.jpg

Tulsa Mall Mobile Installation

Matt and Ben spent some quality time in Tulsa installing a large hanging mobile over what will soon be a children’s play area in a local mall. Here’s a peek at the staging and beginning phases of installation.

To minimize disruption to the mall, Matt and Ben installed the mobile through the night. They were tempted to explore the vacant mall (except a few mall cops), but they stayed pretty darn focused on the task at hand. (Although an Aunt Anne’s pretzel or an Orange Julius would’ve been nice.)

Pictures of the final hanging mobile coming soon!

Photo Apr 18, 5 55 58 PM.jpg
Photo Apr 18, 5 56 25 PM.jpg
Photo Apr 19, 1 18 25 AM.jpg
Photo Apr 19, 1 18 36 AM.jpg

Tulsa Mall Mobile

Here’s a series of mobiles we’re creating for a mall in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Each mobile hangs 12 feet tall by 12 feet tall, and they’ll hang over a new children’s play area within the mall. We’re installing in a few weeks, so stay tuned for updates!

playtime space 3.jpg
playtime space 2.jpg