Park Restaurant Ceiling Sculpture

Here are pictures of the restaurant ceiling sculpture fully installed! As you can see, the restaurant is still under construction—the bar top was being installed the day Matt and Ben arrived—but you can still get the feel for the great aesthetic of the space.

We imagine that bar area will be bustling, so the felt material of the ceiling sculpture should nicely dampen the noise

We can’t wait to see pictures of the restaurant once it’s complete. If you find yourself in Columbia, Missouri, be sure to eat at Park Restaurant (and then send us pictures)!

Photo Sep 20, 1 45 59 AM.jpg
Photo Sep 20, 1 46 13 AM.jpg
Photo Sep 20, 1 53 00 AM.jpg

Large Custom Hanging Mobile for Alaska

We've completed and shipped this mobile, which will reside in a healthcare facility in a remote Alaskan village.

plan view-01.jpg

Traveling to install the mobile was not a possibility for this project, so the client will be completing the installation themselves.

With more than 200 individual shapes, 50 separate sections, and multiple hanging points, it won't be the world's simplest installation—but to make things as clear-cut as possible, we created a thorough set of instructions and videos to walk them through the process..

Here's a peek at installation images for one section of the mobile.


We can't wait to see images of the fully installed piece—and we hope to trek to Alaska someday to see it in person!

Progression-Style Projects

A few years back, we completed this large hanging mobile, Progression, to span the entry hallway of an Educare facility in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

It was one of those projects where we learned a ton along the way—and we've received so much positive feedback about the end result. The next year, we created a similar design for a YMCA, and we currently have two Progression-inspired pieces in our queue.

We've tinkered with the design, allowing us to make it modular, so to speak, so we can customize it for any space. It's one of our all-time favorite designs, so we're always thrilled to revisit it!

This one is for a healthcare center for a remote village in Alaska:

And this one is for a hospital in Cincinnati:


Stay tuned to see progress pictures!

Cincinnati Medical Office Mobile Installation

Not to bore you with weather chit chat, but Portland has been hit really hard this winter—ice storms, freezing rain, snow storms, you name it. And this fair city is just not equipped to handle all those extremes.

Matt and Ben have made it into work just fine, but when a historical snowstorm dumped more than a foot on the city last Wednesday, they were worried it would jeopardize their travels the next morning to Cincinnati for an installation—an installation they had already postponed because of weather-related problems.

Well, they braved the elements, drove to the airport in Matt's trusty Subaru, averaging 15 miles per hour on the snow-covered freeways. Miraculously, the flight was NOT cancelled—and the installation occurred without a hitch. Thank goodness.

And here a few pictures to prove it. Enjoy!