Children's Garden Outdoor Kinetic Sculpture

If you have a tiny moment to spare, check out this seven-second video of our outdoor kinetic sculpture in motion, along with joyful noises of children in Flagstaff's brand-new Children's Garden.

The landscape designer we worked with sent the kindest e-mail, saying "They're awesome and work spectacularly!" Shucks. We're just grateful we had the opportunity to play a role in this wonderful project.

Outdoor Mobile

Ok, so this may not be the most glamorous photograph ever, but it shows the latest commissioned mobile we shipped out this week. This mobile, based off our Alignment Mobile, hangs 10 feet wide by 4 feet tall. It's all stainless-steel, and it was designed and constructed to hang outdoors in a covered pavilion area of a multi-family housing development in Los Angeles. (Fingers crossed we get lovely pictures of the final product!)

Outdoor Standing Mobile at Home!

We just received photos from the proud new owner of the outdoor standing mobile we just created, along with the loveliest note ever:

Matt—the outdoor standing mobile arrived today, impeccably packed and without a scratch.  

It is now installed on its pedestal and spinning beautifully in the breeze.  I could not have imagined anything more perfect.   

Thank you for your patience, enthusiasm, and tremendous artistry.  I will cherish this sculpture all my days.