Park Restaurant Ceiling Sculpture

Here are pictures of the restaurant ceiling sculpture fully installed! As you can see, the restaurant is still under construction—the bar top was being installed the day Matt and Ben arrived—but you can still get the feel for the great aesthetic of the space.

We imagine that bar area will be bustling, so the felt material of the ceiling sculpture should nicely dampen the noise

We can’t wait to see pictures of the restaurant once it’s complete. If you find yourself in Columbia, Missouri, be sure to eat at Park Restaurant (and then send us pictures)!

Photo Sep 20, 1 45 59 AM.jpg
Photo Sep 20, 1 46 13 AM.jpg
Photo Sep 20, 1 53 00 AM.jpg

Restaurant Ceiling Sculpture Installation

Matt and Ben are in Columbia, Missouri as we speak, finishing up an installation for the bar area of a new restaurant.

Some hangups with installation site schedule required Matt and Ben to get creative with their time and resources. The work site wasn’t quite ready for them to access, so their rental minivan (randomly upgraded from economy) turned into an assembly workspace.

Once they were able to access the site, all went smoothly. Time consuming and tedious, but smoothly. Final installation pictures coming soon!


Restaurant Ceiling Sculpture Materials

Next month, we’re traveling to Missouri to install this ceiling sculpture in a brand-new restaurant. We designed the sculpture to incorporate felt shapes, helping the restaurant’s acoustics by absorbing noise from the bar area. The felt shapes will have a wood backing, to provide structure, and we’ll create sets of mini-mobiles strung together to span the bar area. Stay tuned for installation pictures!

Photo Apr 12, 2 46 33 PM.jpg
Photo May 14, 3 43 29 PM.jpg
Photo May 14, 3 33 53 PM.jpg
Photo Apr 23, 1 09 46 PM.jpg

Felt Leaves for Restaurant Ceiling Sculpture

Here's a peek at the material we'll be using for the restaurant ceiling sculpture in our queue. This thick wool felt was chosen intentionally to help absorb noise from the restaurant's busy bar area. We're huge fans of materials that are both beautiful and functional. The second picture shows the metal frame that we designed to give the leaves shapes structure, while adding a vein-like appearance.