Dophin Wall Features

Here are renderings of two wall sculptures we’re creating for a hospital in Florida. Each wall sculpture will measure 12 feet long by 4 feet tall, featuring pods of cheerful, colorful dolphins, designed to create a natural path of motion to help flow patients. This should come together relatively quickly, so stay tuned for updates!

Screenshot_2019-02-19 Dropbox - Dropbox (1).jpg
Screenshot_2019-02-19 Dropbox - Dropbox.png

Butterflies Wall Sculpture

You know that hospital in Florida we're making an enormous fish-inspired series of mobile for? Well, we're also making a wall sculpture for the hospital's pediatric ward—a swarm of 75 metal butterflies, positioned as though they're ready to take flight.

We love changing things up with non-mobile pieces, so we're especially eager to tackle this one! (And after a long winter in Portland, some quality time in Florida will be an nice bonus.)

pov 1.jpg



LAX Marriott Lobby

When we installed the wall divider for the the LAX Marriott lobby, it was still a construction site. So we were absolutely thrilled to get this picture of the completed space. Stunning! And we love how our wall divider works with the space!


LAX Marriott Wall Divider

The next time you fly through LAX, be sure to swing by the nearby Marriott Hotel to check out the wall sculpture designed, created and installed by yours truly.

Here are a few shots of the space before we got our hands on it:

Photo Nov 28, 7 35 58 PM.jpg
Photo Nov 28, 7 36 05 PM.jpg

And here's the space, after hours of work:

Photo Nov 29, 5 20 47 AM (1).jpg
Photo Nov 30, 12 58 17 AM.jpg
Photo Nov 30, 12 58 38 AM.jpg

We can't wait to see the space once the rest is complete!

Los Angeles Hotel Wall Divider

Here's another project in our queue—and the rendering might not make much sense without a little explanation. We were asked to create an artistic feature to act as a divider between two separate areas in a Los Angeles hotel.

Working with the client, we designed this piece, which will consist of painted aluminum shapes hung from tension-strung cables. The piece will create the desired separation while providing an interesting visual statement. It's definitely a departure from the projects we usually work on—and we're thrilled to tackle it!


Wall Sculpture Installation

Matt and Ben completed their latest project last Thursday—a static sculpture that crawls from wall to ceiling in the lobby of a brand-new affordable housing development right here in Portland. The piece is made of reclaimed wood slabs, and it spans 10 feet wide by about 10 feet tall.

Here's a before shot of the space:


And—ta da!—the final piece (completed, in true Ekko fashion, in the middle of the night):

Another Local Project!

We have mobiles and sculptures hanging all over the world, but only two in our hometown of Portland. So we're super excited to be working on a third local project! This one is for the lobby area of an affordable housing development.

Due to space constraints, we determined that a static wall/ceiling sculpture would work better than a kinetic sculpture, so we'll be using an empty wall and ceiling space above the residents' mailboxes to create this piece:

We'll use reclaimed wood pieces, which will add warmth to the space and tie in nicely with wood accents in the lobby.  We'll be completing the installation in a couple of weeks, so stay tuned for updates!